Selected tender of the new collections vault for TFAM. Computer Simulation (Aerial view from Keelung River)


TFAM was founded in 1983, the earliest museum for modern and contemporary art in Taiwan. Its collections cover significant artworks of eminent artists since the 20th century, including the Japanese colonial era, as well as representative works by artists from Taiwan and abroad reflecting contemporary topics.

The storage of nearly 40 years old no longer meets the changing needs for professional preservation, maintenance, research and display. As concepts of art collection and storage are evolving, TFAM is constructing a collections vault of international standards. To solve the problem of insufficient space, more cabinets will be added to the existing vault while the betterment of existing facilities are undergoing and the new vault is under construction.


Goals and Functions


New Collections Vault

Professionally built environment is the precondition for slowing down the deterioration of artworks and also key to artists and collectors when entrusting their works to an institute. In addition to increasing the storage space, the new facilities also store artworks under different temperatures and humidity in accordance with their materials and properties. The procedure is designed following professional requirements to elevate the storage quality. The plan not only can improve the working conditions of art history research, cultural object preservation and education, but also can enhance the museum’s functionality as a professional conservation institute.

South Entrance Improvement Plan

The structure by the south entrance had been serving as a bridge connecting the art park and the TFAM during the Flora Expo, which was a mark of the event. After the improvement work, the glass corridor and the indoor space will be more comfortable for visitors to spend time leisurely or for educational displays.

Selected tender of the new collections vault for TFAM Computer Simulation (Aerial view from Flora Expo park)
Selected tender for the new collections vault of Computer Simulation of the Art Restoration Studio

Current Progress

The Advanced Planning had been completed in 2017, the Archaeological Evaluation and the Competition for the Project Management and Construction Supervisory Service had been completed in 2018. In 2020, designated contractors for technology supervision and turnkey construction were selected through competitions. The commencement ceremony was held on October 22, 2021. The construction was completed on December 6, 2023, and the building use permit was obtained. The inauguration is expected to be at the end of 2024.

Site Description

The site is the current parking lot of TFAM. Construction is two floors underground, meanwhile, remodeling the south entrance and part of the existing facilities. The construction proposes a better use of the existing storage by providing a safer and more stably controlled environment for collected artworks.

Data Sheet

  • Location: Parking Lot of TFAM
  • Total Floor Area: 8588.29m2
  • Floors: One floor above ground, two floors underground
  • Projected Budget: NTD1,524,006,016
  • The project received a subsidy of NT$19.2 million from the phase one of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program (2018-2020) by the Ministry of Culture, and a subsidy of NT$10.65 million (for professional equipment) from the phase two of the Forward-looking Program (2021-2024).
  • Entrusted Agency for the Turnkey Project: First District Project Office, Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government
  • Contractor of Turnkey Construction, Management and Supervision Competition Winner: Ekuo Architects
  • Contractor of Technology Supervision of Turnkey Construction: Yu Tai-Sheng Architects & Associates
  • Contractor of Turnkey Construction: Joyear Group/ CITI Smart Engineering Corp./ Shu Chang Architects and Associates